“Q” Signals

A Q signal followed by a ? asks a question.  A Q signal without the ? answers the question affirmatively, unless otherwise indicated.QRA   What is the name of your station?
QRG   What’s my exact frequency?
QRH   Does my frequency vary?
QRK   What is my signal intelligibility?  (1-5)
QRL    Are you busy?
QRM   Is my transmission being interferred with?
QRN   Are you troubled by static?
QRO   Shall I increase transmitter power?
QRP   Shall I decrease power?
QRQ   Shall I send faster?
QRS   Shall I send slower?
QRT   Shall I stop sending?
QRU   Have you anything for me?  (Answer in negative)
QRV   Are you ready?
QRW   Shall I tell ……. you are calling him?
QRX   When will you call again?
QRZ   Who is calling me?
QSA   What is my signal strength?
QSB   Are my signals fading?
QSD   Is my keying defective?
QSG   Shall I send ….. messages at a time?
QSK   Can you work breakin?
QSL   Can you acknowledge receipt?
QSM   Shall I repeat the last message sent?
QSO   Can you communicate with ….. direct?
QSP   Will you relay to …. ?
QSV   Shall I send a series of V’s?
QSW  Will you transmit on ….. ?
QSX   Will you listen for ….. on ….. ?
QSY   Shall I change frequency?
QSZ   Shall I send each word/group more than once?
(Answer, send twice or …..)
QTA   Shall I cancel number ….. ?
QTB   Do you agree with my word count?  (Answer negative)
QTC   How many messages have you to send?
QTH  What is your location?
QTR   What is your time?
QTV   Will you keep your station open for further commication with me?
QUA   Have you news of ….. ?
QNA* – Answer in prearranged order
QNB* – Act as relay between ….. and …..
QNC   – All net stations copy
I have a message for all net stations
QND* – Net is Directed (controlled by net control station).
QNE* – Entire net stand by.
QNF   – Net is Free (not controlled)
QNG  – Take over as net control station
QNH  – Your net frequency is High
QNI   – Net stations report in.*.
I am reporting into the net.  (Follow with a list ,
traffic, or QRU).
QNJ   – Can you copy me?
Can you copy …… ?
QNK* – Transmit message for ….. to …..
QNL   – Your net frequency is Low.
QNM* – You are QRMing the net.  Stand by.
QNN   – Net control station is ……
What station has net control?
QNO   – Station is leaving the net.
QNP    – Unable to copy you.
Unable to copy ……
QNQ* – Move frequency to ….. and wait for ….. to finish
handling traffic.  Then send him traffic for …..
QNR   – Answer ….. and Receive traffic.
QNS* – Following Stations are in the net.  *(Follow with list.)
QNT   – I request permission to leave the net for ….. minutes.
QNU* – The net has traffic for you.  Stand by.
QNV* – Establish contact with …. on this frequency.  If
successful, move to ….. and send him traffic for …..
QNW  – How do I route messages for ….. ?
QNX   – You are excused from the net.*
Request to be excused from the net.
QNY* – Shift to another frequency (or to …. kHz) to clear
traffic with …..
QNZ  –  Zero beat your signal with mine.* denotes to be used by the Net Control StationQN signals need not be followed by question mark, even
though the meaning may be interrogatory.