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Medical Professionals Meeting on the Air to Share

The MARCO organization is open to all licensed amateur radio operators who are health care professionals or affiliated with the medical industry.  MARCO conducts weekly Grand Rounds on the air and streams audio online.  Participants are eligible for one hour of Category 2 CME credit.  Please submit the form below and the club secretary will contact you:

Membership Information

Membership Requirements for the Medical Amateur Radio Council

A. REGULAR MEMBERS ($25 / year): Regular members shall be licensed amateur radio operators who are licensed health care professionals.

B. ASSOCIATE MEMBERS ($15 / year): Associate members shall be individuals who are either licensed amateur radio operators or are employed or interested in a medical or health related field. Each applicant for Associate Membership shall demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Membership Committee, an interest and desire to participate beneficially in the activities of the Corporation, and that if elected to Associate Membership the candidate will have a unique facility or capability to assist the organization in its objectives.

C. STUDENT MEMBERS ($15 / year): Student members shall be licensed amateur radio operators who are regular students in recognized as fully accredited schools of Medicine, Dentistry, Osteopathy, or Veterinary Medicine, or are pursuing a program leading to a doctoral degree in one of the related paramedical sciences.

D. EMERITUS MEMBERS ($15 / year): Emeritus members shall be Regular or Associate members who have been in good standing for at least five consecutive years, who shall be retired from active practice of their profession, who shall have performed some outstanding service to the organization, and who shall have been nominated for Emeritus Membership in writing by five (5) Regular or Associate Members in good standing. Nominations for Emeritus Membership must be approved by a majority of the Board of Directors.

E. HONORARY MEMBERS ($15 / year): Honorary members shall be individuals who may contribute to the organization. Honorary members shall be nominated by the Board of Directors, and approved by majority vote of the Directors.

10 year Regular membership fee $200 (a savings of $50)
10 year Associate membership fee $100 (also a savings of $50)