Lee Lieberman, W4JMA / 4X1LL, Silent Key

With sadness I share the passing of Lee Lieberman — a long time MARCO member. He passed peacefully on March 11, 2020 in Tel Aviv, Israel at the tender age of 92.5. Lee is survived by his wife, Judy and children — Dave (KT8E), Ruth (KA0SYX), Nina (KA9NWX) and Gay.

Lee was a great physician, stellar role model and above all — the quintessential ham. His love of radio began in the Navy as a radio operator (military call sign N0JRT). It was not unusual to see Lee scamper up a telephone pole to adjust his tri-band beam. Or grazing the aisles at the Dayton Hamventions.

Thanks for the precious memories, Dad. 88s Dave