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Aether Newsletter August Edition

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Aether Newsletter June Edition

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Aether Newsletter April Edition

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Aether Newsletter February Edition

Welcome May QST Magazine Readers Please see page 14 of the February Aether newsletter (below) for links to the five Aether editions that contain information about the Covid-19 pandemic.  You can also view the April edition of Aether here. Download (PDF,...

Aether Newsletter December Edition

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Aether October Edition Focuses on Member-Provided Content

The October edition of the Aether contains content provided by MARCO members  Our organization’s membership slices across many disciplines of medicine, biomedical and the healing arts.  Combined with ham radio, our members provide a never-ending stream of unique, highly educational and informative content.  The Aether is unlike any typical club newsletter or publication in its scope and wealth of information. We extend a very special acknowledgement to Dr. Warren Brown, KD4GUA who has tirelessly published Aether each month since the year 2000.  Warren has set the bar for the high standard of quality of the Aether publication and is now assisted by Dr. Jay Garlitz, AA4FL, with each producing three editions per year. October’s Aether has been designed and edited by Jay.  His editions are web-enhanced online-only newsletters.  This month focuses on Forensic medicine with an abundance of contributions by highly qualified members.  Hyperlinks to references and supporting articles augment the depth of knowledge and content, being interactive through self-selection by the reader. The October Edition is one that you don’t want to miss!  Click below to view it now. October 2020 Aether Newsletter...

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