MARCO Digital Voice Net – Saturdays 1500 UTC

The purpose of MARCO Digital Voice nets are to provide a world-wide discussion forum for current challenges in the medical/health related professions (not a CME topic based net), the communities that they serve, events, and to provide support for technical issues related to communication that affect MARCO members.  The DV net(s) exist to augment our current HF nets in a manner free of the concerns of propagation, offering a solution for those who are antenna challenged or have HOA restrictions, and at times convenient for members from all countries to participate.  Our net is hosted on the Quadnet Array (, that allows various DV methods for access.  These include the use of hotspots so members can use their own DV mode radios, and DV sticks to allow members access through a computer and headset.

Currently a weekly DV net is held at 1500 UTC on Saturdays, in the English language, at a time that favors most of the globe but lacks convenience for members in Asia.  More time slots and nets in other languages may be added as requested by members (request to Jay AA4FL at his QRZ email address).

A MARCO member will act as net control and members as topic presenters. Our members include professionals in the medical and allied health fields, however all stations national and international are welcome to join the net and participate in the discussion.

Tutorials for access will follow in the near future.  Use the MARCO Google Group with the subject line DV net to ask questions regarding access. Once you are able to check-in to the DV net the moderator/net control will request assistance from participants in answering questions and suggestions that you may have regarding content.