MARCO Virtual Board Meeting January 16, 2021 1600Z

Board Meeting Agenda:  Medical Amateur Radio Council

January 16, 2021 1600Z

I.  Call to order

II.  Introductions

III. Minutes of previous meeting

IV. President’s report

V.  Secretary’s report

VI. Treasurer’s report

VII. MediShare report

VIII. Newsletter report

IX.  Webmaster’s report

X.  Nets – Grand Rounds, CW Net, Covid-19 Net report, Digital nets, Zoom groups

XI. Old Business

  1. Annual meeting 2021
  2. Dxpedition 2022

XII. New Business

  1. Bylaws amendment (KM2L)
  2. Dues changes (N8CL, AA4FL)
  3. Same dues for Regular and Associate Members
  4. Raise dues to $30
  5. Multiyear dues package (5 years for $100)
  6. Changes to scholarship program (AA4FL)
  7. Remote net control station (AA4FL)
  8. Other?
  9. Next meeting?