First Video Stream of a MARCO Net Held on Feb. 20, 2021

On Feb. 20th 2021 we had our first live video stream of a MARCO net, the MARCO digital voice net. Thank you to Hilton PY2BBQ who did the live Youtube session simulcast while Jay AA4FL ran the net on the quadnet array.  The net was recorded and available for viewing here on this page.  In addition a still image from Jay’s computer accompanies the video.

We had 16 check-ins on the net and 32 views of the video stream during the 75 minute net.  Why is this important?  First, it allows MARCO members who are not DV enabled to view the net, and…participate.  How?  Viewers of the video stream (MARCO members, other hams, general public)  can use the live chat feature and submit questions to be answered by the net participants.  Please view the video and observe the nature of a DV net that is enhanced by online check-in tools and video streams.

Jay AA4FL,  Hilton PY2BBQ

Image from Jay’s Computer