Banaba Island Volunteer Dental Clinic

In November of 2013, members of MARCO joined a DXpedition team to Banaba Island (click to see the T33A Banaba DXPedition post).  Dr. Jay Garlitz AA4FL arranged a dental volunteer component, partially funded by MARCO.

Arnie Shatz MD N6HC, and Jay Garlitz, DMD AA4FL visited the Tungaru Central Hospital in Tarawa Kiribati, meeting with Dr. Bwabwa Oten, Director of Hospital Services for the Kiribati Ministry of Health.  Dr. Oten processed Jay’s application to practice Dentistry in Banaba and arranged for work and Prescriber’s Permits.  The team then departed Tarawa for a 40 hour+ boat trip to Banaba Island.

Special thanks to the MARCO club for its contribution to dental equipment provided.  All equipment used was donated to the small medical clinic on Banaba and to the main hospital’s dental clinic in Tarawa.

Here are selected scenes from Jay’s awesome four day clinic on Banaba Island.

Jay AA4FL and Dr. Bwabwa Oten, Director of Hospital Services
for the Kiribati Ministry of Health.
Dental Clinic
The Banaba dental clinic
Once everyone knew there would be no pain they started lining up for care
Old clinic
What remained of the 1979 dental clinic
Oral hygiene
Oral hygiene instructions.
We brought hundreds of toothbrushes and plenty of toothpaste.
New shoes
The new shoes we brought found their way to students feet the same day…..
Mrs. Garlitz donated a reading curriculum.
Doctors Arnie N6HC and Jay AA4FL visiting Tungaru Central Hospital in Tarawa.
Jay donated all the equipment he brought to the hospital in Tarawa and clinic in Banaba.